Gratefully Yours Band

Gratefully Yours is an All Star line up of Grateful Dead inspired musicians looking to make your set list come to life. Quite a few additional notable players have been a part of the evolution of the band and continue to sit in as their schedules allow, including Vinnie Amico (moe.), Zach Nugnt (Melvin Seales & JGB), Tony Markellis (TAB), Russ Lawton (TAB), Bill Carbone (Max Creek), Rob Eaton (DSO), Jeff Martinson (Legion of Jerry).
Alex Mazur Alex Mazur - Keyboards, Vocals
Adam Czolowski Adam Czolowski - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Prescott Jeff Prescott - Drums
Jessica Barlow Jessica Barlow - Vocals
Rob Schiff Rob Schiff - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Pirozzi Tom Pirozzi - Bass